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Carriage & Shipping

Purchasing a Kit

If you purchase a kit it can be delivered to your door, anywhere in the 26 counties, overnight in most cases. A kit, in case you didn't know, are all the ingredients needed for a fibreglass roof to cover a certain area. The OSB, or whatever your fibreglass is placed on, is not included.

 Your kit is placed on a pallet. The kit is strapped, wrapped and labelled for security before dispatch. If your purchase costs you more than €1230 (€1,000 + Vat) your carriage is free of charge. However, if the cost is less there is a charge which is calculated by the destination. If other miscellaneous items are purchased along with the kit they can usually be included on the pallet with the kit at no extra charge. If trims are involved, because of their awkward length, they have to be treated separately, wrapped separately, charged for separately, and can not be included on the pallet.

For other destinations such as Northern Ireland, the UK or mainland Europe etc please ring for a quote. 

DPD collection

Miscellaneous Items

If a kit isn't involved and you need to purchase a few miscellaneous items separately and need to have them delivered (to anywhere in the 26 counties) the cost of carriage can sometimes be a little complicated.  Unless it is viable to place them on a pallet, it might be easier to give us a ring and let us calculate the best price for you. However if there are no obvious complications and you are sending one or more items the charge is €17.72 (€14.41 + Vat) per box. Please note that several small items can be placed in the one box together up to a maximum weight of 30kg, maximum dimensions 100 x 70 x 70. Breakables or liquids etc would need to be packed separately.

Our number is 021-2291033

Carriage Charges

You can view or pay your carriage charges here by selecting the appropriate buttons below. 

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