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Fibreglass Roofing Kits

You can purchase a kit here to cover any flat roof to the nearest five square metres.

(The price of the kit will vary depending on the option you choose, with or without tools and Standard or Heavy matting. 

The price displayed before you choose is for the standard 450gm matt including tools )

Below is a list of roofs ranging in areas from 5 to 150 square metres. The amount of materials and tools etc needed for a particular area are calculated by the Flat Out Fibreglass Roofkit Calculator (the official Tricel calculator).

The following are included: – Roofing Resin, Topcoat, Hardener, Reinforcement Matting. The following, classed as tools, are an optional extra with the kit, Bandage, Detail Tissue, Paddle Rollers, Application Rollers, Application Brushes, Hardener Dispenser, Mixing Buckets, Acetone, Disposable Gloves and Trim Adhesive.

The following are not included: – All the necessary trims. OSB Decking Boards, Extension Poles, Swivel Sanding Heads and the carriage charge.  

Carriage: Please note, when purchasing trims to go with your kit, because of the length of the trims their carriage has to be sorted separately. After choosing your kit please choose both buttons at the bottom of the page below, 'Carriage for Kits' and 'Carriage for Trims'.

However If the value of your order is more than €1230 (€1000 + Vat) carriage is free.

Fibreglass Garage Roof
kit with tools.


We use Paypal only to handle all our on-line sales because Paypal is the safest and the most secure system known to us. You can rest assured that Paypal are the only people who get to see your Credit or Debit card details. For possible future sales and for added security you can opt to create an account with them by giving them your details once only and forever-after your email and password are only needed. You also have the extra re-assurance that if there is a problem with your order they can withhold your payment from us until the problem is sorted. It is in our interest to treat your order with care.

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