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  • TriRoof MultiFlex is one of the most advanced roof overlay systems on the market today
  • The substrate is covered with a Primer, followed by a layer of matting and finished with our TriRoof Modified Polyester Resin which is Dark Grey in colour
  • Both the Primer and Resin require a Powder Catalyst to cure


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Multiflex Primer 5kg (10sq/mt)

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  • You may have tried the rest, but now try the best Flexible Roof Overlay System on the market. TriRoof MultiFlex is designed to be easy to use with quick cure times and fire retardant (FAA rated). Suitable for everything from new builds to replacement roof overlays, TriRoof MultiFlex does it all.

    The TriRoof MultiFlex Primer is used in conjunction with our TriRoof MultiFlex Resin. Better still, no need for various primers - this primer is suitable for 90% of substrates. The MultiFlex Primer requires a BPO paste to catalyse.(Available in related products below)

    TriRoof MultiFlex is a 100% original formulation, only available from TriRoof. 

    Advantages of TriRoof MultiFlex

    • Superior, flexible GRP technology suitable for both overlay and new deck applications
    • Can be applied to OSB3 and existing roof surfaces such as felt, asphalt, GRP and single ply
    • Suitable for application in temperatures as low as 1°C 
    • Walkable in 30-60 minutes
    • Fire tested to BS 476-3 Rating: F.AA and EN 13501-5(4)


    Mixing the BPO Hardener

    Mix the BPO until there are no red streaks.

    Recommended BPO Hardener Addition Rate:

    Temperature Gauge:

    • 2%: 18 - 30°C
    • 3%: 11 - 17°C
    • 4%: 5 - 10°C


    Volume Gauge:

    • 20ml of BPO Catalyst per 1kg or Resin or Primer required for a 2% curing rate
    • 30ml of BPO Catalyst per 1kg or Resin or Primer required for a 3% curing rate
    • 40ml of BPO Catalyst per 1kg or Resin or Primer required for a 4% curing rate



    5kg of Primer or Resin would require 100ml of BPO Catalyst at a 2% curing rate (100ml = 50gm tubes x 2)


    It is not recommended to catalyse more than ~5 kg at a time. When working large areas decant the primer into manageable quantities and always be aware of your pot life.

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