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TriRoof HPX Hybrid Polymer Liquid Membrane is a premium, cold applied, one-component based polymer. This elastic, waterproofing membrane is free of bitumen, solvent and isocyanates. Once fully cured, it forms a waterproof, UV resistant surface that repairs cracks up to 5mm. 

TriRoof HPX is the ultimate Roofing Overlay System. This system has been designed to work in all four seasons. From colder temperatures to increased heat, TriRoof HPX will apply effortlessly. TriRoof HPX can also be applied to damp surfaces meaning the weather never has to hold you back!

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TriRoof HPX Hybrid Polymer 14kg

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  • This product requires no additional hardener or mixing. It can be applied straight out of the tin. This product is supplied as 1 x 14kg tin. 14kg of HPX will cover 9.33m2 to 12m2 (depending on substrate) Asphalt coverage is 9.33m2.

    Benefits of TriRoof HPX

    • Works even when it's raining - applies flawlessly to damp surfaces
    • Use it straight out of the tin - no mixing/no additional hardener
    • Applies to most common substrates - rubber. concrete, grp, asphalt
    • Self-levelling
    • Non-flammable
    • Environmentally friendly (free from isocyanates and bitumen)
    • Tack-free in 2-4 hours
    • 10 & 20-year material guarantee options* (depending on application method)


    *20 Year Guarantee
    Repair any leaks with HPX and TriRoof CSM 450gm Bandage consolidated. Then apply 1 Layer of HPX (1.6kg – 1.8kg per
    sqm depending on substrate) with TriRoof 225g CSM consolidated followed up with a 1kg -1.2kg sqm final coat
    after first layer has dried.

    *10 Year Guarantee
    Repair any leaks with HPX and TriRoof CSM 450gm Bandage consolidated then 1 layer of HPX (1.6kg – 1.8kg sqm
    depending on substrate)

    Preparation of Substrate before Applying HPX

    TriRoof HPX Hybrid Polymer Roofing System   

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